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Open Costing Schedule

Arc-V Open Costing Schedule

Arc-V Architects both Registered and Chartered we are not a plan drawing service and as such probably wont be the cheapest. However we will provide you with superior professional advise from over 10 years of education and 12 years practice experience that go with prestige of achieving this. We can tailor a package to best suit your needs and professionally advise you on best places to spend and where to save money for your specific project.


Typically many plan drawing websites wont advise you on technical or planning matters, as most of which may not even have received any formal training, qualifications or hold suitable insurances for the works they carry out. Alternatively we have the knowledge, experience and insurance to protect you during this whole process, where making the wrong choice could cost you thousands.


We work through the approved RIBA stages on projects. For example, Domestic Residential Planning is RIBA 1-3, which would typically require an; Initial Visit, Site Appraisal, Concept Design & Planning drawings.


You then have the option to advance the information to the stage for building regulations, where we work to discharge any planning conditions, put together a basic specification and gain quotations for further consultants that may be required, such as the engineer and so forth. At this stage the project can be put out to tender, for prices to be returned from suitable contractors for review.


We also offer services relating to initial budget cost estimates, where an indication of cost is requested at an earlier stage for budgeting. Along with other services such as contract initiation, contract administration and site monitoring,

Principal Designer services are also offered to Non Domestic Clients and also other Architects and Designers in for-filling this vital pre construction phase role, which is required by law under the HSE guidelines. 

Note - All fees above are for Architectural services only. The Client will be responsible for payment of other consultants, required surveys and disbursements which will be confirmed in writing. All Fees above are subject to change without notice and the exact fee will be confirmed on receipt of further details.

We are now operating within Cornel Building Services Ltd as such all insurances are carried within Cornel Building Services.



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